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FAQ frequently asked questions and answers

The following questions and answers have emerged from the experience of our staff and do not claim to be exhaustive. Depending on the situation, even another answer be correct.

Children's Lessons

From what age can a child start skiing?

From 3 years.

Wat is vooral belangrijk voor peuters (3 - 4 jaar)?

Bereidt uw kind goed voor op het afscheid nemen. Indien mogelijk kunt u uw kind een dag voor begin van de cursusvoor een korte tijd skischoenen aantrekken, zodat uw kind er al een beetje aan gewend is. Neem aan het begin van de skiles snel maar intensief afscheid van uw kind en ga weg van het kinderland zodat de ski-instructeur een relatie tot uwkind kan opbouwen. Noteer op het leskaartje een telefoonnummer waarop u indiennodig kunt worden bereikt.

Can our children stay together in the same group?

As long as they have a similar skill level and age, than it is possible.

Can the missed day be rescheduled?

The missed day can be rescheduled.

My child fell in the past year while getting on the lift and is now afraid to ride it. How can you help?

The ski instructor will take the child with them for the first ride.

Do all the groups assemble at the same time at Sammelplatz?

Basically yes, but in different areas, at a maximum distance of 100-150 m. apart.

Can I extend the ski course for a day?


Are the courses conducted in all weather conditions?

Basically, yes. However, there may be a course cancellation if e.g. the lift operation is discontinued.

How long dose the ski course take? - Course times?

Course times from 9.45 to 11.45 a.m. and from 14.00 to 16.00 p.m.


At what age will my child need ski poles?

Beginners from 3-6 years of age don’t need ski poles.

What equipment will my child need?

Ski boots, Skis, Helmet, Goggles or Sun glasses, Ski poles at 7 years of age, ski pass (beginners donot need one), course ticket with a parents phone number on it.


Where do I find the ski school office?

At the car park directly at the Egghof Sunjet chairlift (Berwang 176). Please be sure to reserve the desired courses in advance by e-mail or online booking.

How do I get to the assembly areas?

From every house in the village by foot, by Rinnen and Brand with the bus.

How do I get to the bear cave?

The Bear Cave (“Bärenhöhle”) is located in the same building as the ski school office.

Where is the gathering place for snowboarding lessons?

Subsequently, by the adult-assembly, characterized by an orange banner = “Snowboard Meeting Place”

Where can I find the gathering place for the private lessons?

The meeting point for the private lessons is recognizable by a black beach flag.

Where is the gathering place for the adult classes?

By the adult-assembly (yellow flag).

Where is the gathering place for the children's courses?

One in BOBOs-Kinder-Club for 3 to 6 years old, and one directly by the staging area for young adults of 7-15 years.

Where will the group assignments be held for the courses?

By the Children’s Training lift, by Egghoflift and by Mooslift.

Is there in the vicinity of the gathering place a ski rental?

Yes, right next to the ski school there are 3 ski rentals.

Where can I buy the lift tickets?

At the office of the Bergbahnen Berwang next to our ski school office (B-Active Center).

Where will the children's race be held on Thursday?

By Bobo’s children’s area, the children’s training Sunjet.

Prices and Offers

Are lift tickets included in the price of the courses?

No. The lift ticket is not included in the prices and must be bought seperatly at the skilift. The equipment is also not included and can be rent at the ski rentals.


Our children attend the children's ski lessons. Can we participate at this time also in a ski course?

Yes, the courses are held at the same time.

Is there a private tutor for the whole family?

Yes, please register early! Maximum 5 participants per private teacher are possible. In order to achieve the best and ideal learning experience we recommend a separation of adults and children.

May I use the facilities of the ski school for practicing?

No. The wonder carpets (conveyor belts) and rope lift belong to the property of Ski School Berwang and can only be used during the ski course together with a ski instructor of the Ski School Berwang!

What is in the case of an accident?

There is a rescue team for the ski trails, as well as our instructors who are specially trained in first aid.

Are there ski lessons in English?


Which languages do your instructors speak?

English and Dutch, and a some French.

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