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Skischule Berwang SKIKURSE für Fortgeschrittene
Skischule Berwang SKIKURSE für Fortgeschrittene
Skischule Berwang SKIKURSE für Anfänger
Skischule Berwang SKIKURS Sammelplatz für Erwachsene
Skikurse für Erwachsene
Skischule Berwang SKIKURSE für FortgeschritteneSkischule Berwang SKIKURSE für AnfängerSkischule Berwang SKIKURS Sammelplatz für ErwachseneSkikurse für Erwachsene



We offer courses for beginners of all ages and special courses for seniors and refresher. Furthermore intermediate and advanced skiers get valuable tips and tricks to really intuitively develop the “CARVING-feeling” or to secure and control skiing in deep snow.

group size

min 4 person

course times

09.45-11.45 a.m. and/or 14.00-16.00 p.m.

target group

adults, beginners, intermediates, seniors, refresher


Mid December until the end of March / beginning of April!


Starting this winter (2019/2020) the ski school Berwang is offering refresher ski courses for every skiing level (green to black).

• GREEN: For beginners who are just getting used to their skiing gear. You will learn how to go straight and how to stop.

• BLUE: No rookies. Snowplow, snowplow turns, sliding sideways.

• RED: Intermediate, parallel skiing, spinning.

• BLACK: Experienced skiers, steep slopes, powder, moguls, freeriding, based on personal preference.

Our ski school guarantees, you will be able to ride down the slopes you chose under supervision of a ski teacher. If not, you will get your money back (doesn‘t apply to black slopes).

Course duration:
3 half day group course (at least 4 participants) € 165,00
2 half days private course € 280,00

Bookable from 12.01.20 – 31.01.20 / 01.03.20 – 27.03.20

Prerequisite for the booking of the respective ski-license course in one colour is the safe driving of the previous ski slope level (for blue green, for red blue, for black red) even without being accompanied by a ski instructor!

After you complete the course you will get a creditcard shape ski-licence as an official confirmation. You can either book a single course or make your way up through the ski levels – depending on the length of your stay, level of skiing and fitness.

Langlauf in Berwang - Langlaufkurse in der Skischule Berwang



Berwang offers for sporty cross country skiers perfectly groomed trails in a unique natural landscape.

ski tours and snow-shoe hikes

Enjoy our nature

Our ski tours and snow-shoe hikes in all levels, lead to secluded areas where you can fully enjoy the beauty of nature in winter


Please sign in at our skischool office!

Group courses – favorable and more fun for adults

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